Algarve Albufeira

A small fishing village in the past, nowadays Albufeira in Algarve is one of the most attractive resorts in Europe, and one of the hottest and most visited destinations for all inclusive holidays for summer. Established around two thousands years ago, Albufeira was first called Baltrum, and only 800 years later, when it was occupied by the Moors, the town was renamed Al-Buhera. Looking at modern Albufeira in Algarve it's hardly possible to say this town underwent many severe trials, like disastrous earthquakes of 1719, 1722 and 1755, as well as the Portuguese civil war of 1828-1834 when the town was literally burnt to the ground.

The south of Portugal has many fans, the Algarve regions itself has always been popular amongst families and couples looking to relax over summer. The truth is that the south coast is certainly somewhere that is a great option all year long, often people enjoy an Albufeira holiday during the UK's winter month because the weather remains very warm in comparison.

Fortunately, today Albufeira in Algarve is a peaceful and hospitable town where nothing except ancient artifacts reminds of those hard times. Coming to Albufeira - Algarve tourists enjoy the refined combination of beautiful nature and luxurious buildings.

Albufeira town consists of two parts. The old section features narrow street where one can admire gorgeous ancient architecture and feel the spirit of true Albufeira. The modern part, with its fashionable restaurants and hotels, is an ideal place for those who seek entertainments. Like any other popular resort, Albufeira in Algarve has a long beach, which is usually shared by relaxed sun-bathers and busy fishermen. Actually, its name - Fisherman's Beach - shows that fishing has always been an important industry of Albufeira in Algarve.

Being a universal resort, Albufeira in Algarve will please both young and old people, as everyone can find here various exciting sights and entertainments. Those who are fond of art and history should visit the Municipal art gallery, the Virtual Archaeological Museum or the Museum of Ming ceramics, while clubbers will be amazed by a wide variety of local nightlife options. Moreover, there are more than 15,000 permanent residents, so finding an appropriate location doesn't make a problem. Taxis, car rental and, if you like, steamships, are also available.

Algarve Albufeira

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