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Situated on the west of the Algarve region, Praia Da Rocha is a popular resort which is only 1 hour drive from Faro airport. Thanks to its lovely long beach, its favorable climate, with its 17 rainfall days per year, and its nice friendly atmosphere, Praia Da Rocha in Algarve is widely recognized as one of the best resorts in the world.

Praia Da Rocha, the name of which is translated as “Rock Beach”, became a resort in the 1930s, but only in the 1970s, when new buildings were constructed and airline charges got more affordable, this place gained the reputation of an ultimate must-see in the Algarve region.

With the average temperature of 30oC, the weather in Praia Da Rocha is very hot, actually, it is so hot that one may feel like being in sauna. And it would be a real hell, if a tender cool breeze didn't flow in the afternoons. The beaches are often rather crowded, however, those who like to have a rest in quiet peaceful locations can find an appropriate place here.

Along with amazing sandy beaches there also exist many swimming-pools where one can enjoy a more calm atmosphere. All the hotels in Praia Da Rocha are characterized by quality services and offer multiple options. According to those tourists who stayed at Praia Da Rocha' s hotels at least only once, the cuisine is quite delicious, representing the combination of traditional Portuguese and international dishes.

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One of the best-known attraction of Praia Da Rocha in the Algarve is the Irish quarter where authentic music can be heard at any time. Here people enjoy the life in full, dancing in the streets and singing in bars. This place is highly recommended by experienced tourists, yet one should be careful, as most local festivities aren't held with alcohol. ;-)

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