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Bars and Clubs in Carvoeiro

Carvoeiro is not the kind of place to find large night clubs. However if you are looking to drink late into the night one of the bars will always be happy to oblige.

Hopefully this site will give you a good look at Carvoeiro before you actually arrive. We hope that by using this site you will not waste time once you have arrived by having to look at what to do and where to so that once you are here you can jump straight into action.

A look at some of the bars in Carvoeiro

Jailhouse - Have been here many times and really love it. It's just a pub, not a cafe or restaurant as well and it specialises in music. Live music, live music concerts on the tv's or late disco. Other musicians often get up to have a go and jam with the house band and the atmosphere is lively and fun. Last time I was there they had a new lead guitarist who was fantastic. Irish I think, but played all sorts of stuff mostly soft rock. Would recommend this to anyone who likes music of any age.

Bar Havana - Run by British expats, this place has a long list of the most authentic Cocktails I've tasted in a long time. I'd gone on holiday craving colored cocktails complete with umbrellas, and had a few from sub-par bars. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed because they were mostly mixers, and little alcohol. We heard Bar Havana was Football Free (even during Euro 2004 ) and after our third day in Portugal, became our favorite watering hole. The owners and staff are friendly and make fantastic drinks.

The bar itself is decorated in Cuban style, complete with spicy music. The tropical colors complement the Algarvian weather and laid-back attitude. Instead of paying for every drink, they allow you to start a tab. Apparently, if you have a tabs over 100 Euros, they'll allow you to sign their wall.

It's usually pretty quiet inside, and outside, they have a table and chairs so you can enjoy the last few minutes of sunshine and watch the world go by.

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