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Buying a house especially abroad will be one of the most scary and nerve wracking experiences you will ever have. Each individual will have their own preferences on how to do things. We personally preferred to use a larger real estate company in the hope that they valued their reputation. However this is not to say that smaller agents are any better or worse, it was just our own personal decision.

One thing we found most important was the fact that the agent spoke English, this just helps to prevent anything being lost in translation. However it is always wise to have your contracts and agreements translated and written in your native tongue by an independent body. Anybody needing help in this matter can feel free to contact us and we will then put you into contact with people we have used and trusted before.

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Don't go grabbing the first "great looking" offer that you come across. There will be a number of questions you need to have answered before you sign up. Walk away and wait a day or two, if you still think it is the place for you then go back a second and a third time to see if has the same impact on you as it did during the first visit.