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Dummies Guide to booking your own holiday on the internet.

A dummies guide to booking your own holiday online.

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Dummies Guide to booking your own holiday on the internet.

Postby diskwizz » Thu Mar 20, 2008 5:24 pm

A lot of people still choose to go via a reputable travel agent, and why not..with bulk booking they can sometimes get massive discount. On the other hand they also have massive overheads which somebody has to pay for. So, by all means go to your local agent and get a comparison quote but at he same try try looking online to see if you can beat the deal yourself.
Here is what I would consider to be the basic steps of creating your own holiday.

1) Decide where you wish to go. Once you have decided use a good search engine like google and type in your destination. For this example we will use the resort of Praia Da Rocha. And here is what we get. Praia Da Rocha I click on the first site I see which takes us here http://www.praiadarochaonline.com/
Now as you can see on the right hand side it has a menu bar. We select HOLIDAY RENTALS and we are taken to a basic page with a couple of options at the bottom. Here I have selected Castelos Da Rocha. At the bottom of the page you simply fill in the request for for your required dates. Lets say 1 week in october. Total cost £150

ok, we have now had a reply back from the owner saying the date is available. So we move onto step 2 which is to see if we can find any decent flights.

2) For this I wil use Cheap Flights and using their simple search facility I have found flights for 2 people 8th to 15th Oct for £200.

ok, now we have flights and we have an apartment. How do we get to he apartment? onto step 3.

3)So how do we get to the apartment? You have 2 main options, car rental and Airport Transfer. Again a simple google search will find us a company like www.yor-car.com for car hire. For airport transfers its just a case of keeping your eyes open. In part on we were taken to www.praiadarochaonline.com . Did you spot the Airport Transfers link on the right hand side? It will take you here Airport Transfers from faro as you can see an Airport Transfer from Faro to Praia da Rocha is €57 each way for private hire. Thats a total of €114 which currently equates to £88.

ok, so now we have our room booked, flights booked and we now know we will be picked up from the airport in a private vehicle and taken to our apartment. The only thing left to do is get some holiday insurance. One of the most obvious and cheapest places for this is your local post office and if you follow this link you can do your insurance online. travel Insurance the quote I got based on 2 people was £40.

So there you have it. It has taken roughly 10-15 minutes to completely book your own personally tailored holiday from the comfort of your own chair. Lets total up how much it cost us.

Apartment £150.
Flights £200
Airport Transfers £88
Holiday Insurance £40
Total costs for 2 people £478

Now the beauty of booking for yourself is that should you decide to stay for 2 weeks then the cost is only slightly higher and this is because the flights and airport transfer is a fixed cost.
The price to stay for two weeks came to a total of only £530

Happy Booking
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