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Christmas and newyear eve

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Christmas and newyear eve

Postby sam » Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:32 am

We are in Carvoeiro for Christmas and New years eve every year and although
it is quiet we love it.
Christmas is very family orientated here and so not many options for diner,
so we take mince pies and champagne to the beach in the morning and share
it with who ever is about (usually quite a few) and then go back to cook
our own turkey. (fresh from the market)

New years eve is a different matter all together. We go to the Jailhouse
who always have a theme party This year it was kings and queens, so we were
given crowns, tiara's and sparklers when we arrived .The whole bar was
decorated with throne s flags and heraldry. A lot of people were far more
imaginative than us and came as Elvis, cleopatra, pearly queen, snow queen
and a king prawn to name a few.
It was fantastic, live music,ballons, games, poppers, and champagne at
midnight all provided as part of the good old fashioned fun.
We danced until about 3am then limped home but will definately be back next

If you are in the area at that time of year don't miss it.sam

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