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Attractions in and around Lagos

Like all Algarve resorts, the obvious Lagos attractions for visitors are plenty of sun, sea and sand. Be it for a holiday or a long-term stay, the attraction of the easy going and laid back pace of life that is so famous is what keep people coming back to the Algarve in Portugal and the Lagos resort itself.

However, not everyone wants beaches and sun; a lot of people come to the Algarve with very different plans in mind. Explore your options in Lagos if the beautiful beaches are not for you. Listed below are some of very fun attractions to be discovered in beautiful Lagos and the Algarve.

For Golf lovers, the Algarve is a very popular place regardless of what resort you are based in. There are over 30 top class golf courses in the Algarve. Hitting the green at least once is a must!

The Lagos resort is popular with water sport enthusiasts and equipment can be rented for most water sports.

There are plenty of trips out that you can book with local agents or holiday rep’s. Most reputable ones are good value for the money and some of these trips are listed below.

Zoo Marine – Ideal for families and just for adults too.

Monchique and Foia (Highest points in the Algarve) - This is more suited for adults and not children, though the views will amaze every generation. Also, make sure you buy some traditional Algarvian firewater, known as Medronho. Many people also love to taste the natural spring water that can be found in lay-bys along the climb to the top. The local Honey Cake is also well worth purchasing.

Water parks – These are based along the Algarve and every resort provides bus rides.

Romantic Boat Trips – These are provided in the evenings, mainly along the west side as the sunsets beyond Lagos bay.

Fishing Trips – These again will be found all along the coast in every resort.

Other Trips - These trips available to you include going shopping to Gibraltar, the long haul up to Fatima for the more religious amongst you, and also the city trip to Seville, Spain which undoubtedly has one of most amazing Cathedrals in the world. There is an abundance of trips to take when you stay in Albufeira.

The Algarve is literally a three hours drive in breadth. Once a car is hired the world of Algarve is literally your oyster. The new A22 provides a two-lane road that enables you to take things at your own pace, and stretches nearly the whole width of the Algarve.

Lagos Attractions