Popular Sports in Portugal

The Portuguese people are, by nature, sports-minded. With their inclination in sports, a lot of sports events are organized annually. Nevertheless, one of the most celebrated sports that Portuguese are fond of is football.

Football is highly recognised in Portugal and it is played by majority of the people in Portugal. In fact, Portugal is home to many powerful and renowned football players like Luis Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo. To strengthen the Portuguese’s fondness for the sport, an annual Portuguese Football Championship or Liga Sagres and the Cup of Portugal take place in the country. Around 16 Portuguese teams participate in these two major football events in Portugal.

Aside from football, there are also other sports that also enjoy their own share of popularity in Portugal. Futsal, which is a variant of football, is also played by many people in Portugal. Unlike the traditional football, futsal is played between two teams composed of five members in an indoor setting. Every year, Portuguese Futsal First Division is held and opened to highly qualified futsal teams around Portugal.

Athletics is also famous in Portugal. In fact, the country takes pride in their great athletics athletes that have garnered awards in the European and Olympic Games respectively. Aside from that, Portugal also possesses promising athletes in the field of rink hockey, cycling, and martial arts. Since the engagement in sports is highly supported and encouraged by the Portuguese government, the athletes of Portugal continue to gain awards in prestigious sports events around the world.