Portuguese-Inspired Decorating Ideas

There are many ways to have a Portuguese atmosphere within your home. You can choose the traditional interiors of a Portugal home with brick walls or go for the modern twist with contemporary styles for home furnishings. You may also want a house full of memorabilia of your trip to Portugal and other items unique to the country.

To learn more on how you can exude a Portuguese feel into your own home, read up on magazines or books on Portuguese homes, buildings and other architectural designs as well as interior decorating options. Magazines can also provide guide as to how to buy Portuguese-inspired home furnishings and decorations. Often, magazines on Portuguese-inspired interior decorating will focus on contemporary designs with hints of traditional concepts. You can also check out your local European antique store and browse for Portuguese-inspired items to use as home furnishings. Among these vintage items you might find in these stores and use as wall accents are cutlery sets with seashell handles, replica of a deer head, the famous Portuguese cock, among other items.

Also visit your local furniture stores and find those Indo-Portuguese furniture with intricately and elegantly carved designs in the front surface and the edges. Among these items are the altar, console table, dining table, dressing table and the cupboards or armoires.

You may also accent your home with posters, pictures and souvenirs that will remind you of your travels to Portugal. Put your collections into display and spread them all in your house.

For more Portuguese inspiration for your home, check out the sights and sounds you will discover in Portugal through Algarve Guides, an Internet site that is all about the Algarve region in Portugal.