Shopper’s Paradise

With all its fantastic natural attractions, welcoming tourism culture and wide stretches of breathtaking white-sand beaches, Algarve is without a doubt one of those few tourist destinations in the world that you will never want to miss seeing again. But more than just being a haven for tourists, the region is also paradise for shoppers.

Holidaymakers who are thinking of indulging themselves to a shopping bliss will find plenty of shopping opportunities in the region. Souvenir shoppers will also find to plenty of unique items to take home with them. Few of the best buys in Algarve, that every tourist must certainly considers for souvenir, include leather good, crystal, copperware filigree jewellery, embroidered table clothes, potteries, and decorated tiles.

Genuine leather shoes, belt, bags and other leather items are available in all of the region’s shopping districts – from smart boutiques to local markets – usually at relatively budget prices. While gorgeous potteries can be found in shops along Algarve’s main coastal road, the N125. All of the towns and villages in the regions have covered market places that open every week, except Sundays. These markets offer a gamut of products from clothing to souvenirs. Tourists who want to witness and experience the region’s local market scene must consider visiting these places.

Meanwhile, when it comes to wine and cigarettes, Algarve also champions in these trades. Although it is not really known as a wine producing-region in Portugal, it has actually some of the best-tasting wines in the country. The same commendation goes for its locally-made cigarettes. These products are relatively cheaper in Algarve, compared to those in the UK. More so, there is no limit in what visitors can take home for personal consumption. Thus, on your next trip to the region, never forget to bring an extra bag for your shopping finds.