Unique Portuguese Furniture

Speaking of traditional Portuguese home decor and furniture, the name is synonymous with classy, timeless, elegant and impeccable taste. Although similar in many ways to that of the Spanish, the country’s furniture design has a kind of unique appeal to it, which promises to offer a great decorating opportunity of considerable respect.

In general, the design and the character of the traditional furniture products of Portugal are much less influenced by the elements of Moorish design. Instead, the Portuguese furniture is much influenced by the east designs, which include elements from China, India and the East Indies. Looking at one standard example, a cabinet-on-stand for instance, the eastern influence on the country’s furniture design is very much evident in the material, mouldings, and exotic design of the furniture which was created with an elaborate bone inlaid. The carvings in eastern-influenced Portuguese furniture generally include non-traditional subjects such as semi-human shapes, mermen, mermaids and native deities.

For the Western eyes that are brought up to appreciate the design concept of the classical Greek culture, the design will not be pleasantly appealing to eye. However, it exudes an undeniable power and some sort of magnetism that viewers will not help but be fascinated and attracted to it. These furniture pieces, especially the antique ones, are by no means can be found in commonplace, nor are they offered cheap. This is because as furniture in contemporary and minimalist design takes the market, these traditional Portuguese furniture pieces have became a rare find. More so, furniture dealers who understand what they have for sale do not sold these pieces cheaply and easily at all cost, knowing that there are serious collectors of traditional Indo-Portuguese furniture.